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A Questionnaire to Evaluate the Designer

It is simply much easier to make your space beautiful. Maybe you can put your own hands into it. However, the challenge arises when you want to make your space functional and safe besides astounding. Personal experimenting is not appreciated in such cases, plainly to avoid costly mistakes. There comes the role of an interior designer, the professionals who make the best use of spaces. Conversations can make the things get started and bring in the perception and honesty between you and your designer to be. Today we ought to discuss on few questions you really must ask these designers before you decide he/she is your one. 

Question 1How would you explain your design styles?

When some designers are pioneers in a particular style, others can make several styles do well. Whereas some designers opt more looking into the clients' ideas and views. On determining what you need, next is to see if the designer's ideas suit  yours. With this question, you get a clear understanding of these aspects. That is why it's the best question to always start with.

Question 2How much do you charge and can you do it in my budget?

Every designer have a budget scale, some may prefer to make changes with the design ideas to sync with your budget (maybe a bit less or more). However, some have fixed cost and expenses. Hence, the question about the budget is very necessary and can make you decide whether it's a YES or NO. 

Question 3How can you exhibit your concepts and ideas?

You feel pretty good when you see things aligned well either on a screen or a paper. Visually experiencing the design gives you a more transparent idea of how it's going to be at the end of all. Consequently, an answer to this question gives you a deeper sense of design.

Question 4If I don't like your design, how will you handle the situation?

The beauty of a design may not look the same to all. When such situations arise different firms make varied tactics to handle it. With this question, you can figure out how your designer is dealing with it.

This catalogue of questions goes on to a lengthy one. The above are the few salient matters to be considered when consulting an interior designer. Come up with your questions to D’LOUNGE, the best interior designers in Kochi. We can prove our worth.

January 15, 2020, posted by Admin

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