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Blunders to be Aware of

Let it be your home or office when you think of designing a space you are certainly going to spend much of your time there. It's displeasure when you have to be at a place where you don't feel things in the right way, mostly after the so-called process of designing. Here are few normal like felt but faulty ideas which could simply ruin your design as a whole. This post is implied to spot on such blunders so that you can get rid of them the next time you undertake the interior designing.

Too high on the wall
This is a typical mistake. Yes, beyond a question, a wall with hangings in it is always the appealing one than a plain one. Nevertheless, when it goes too high we lose the allure of the entire room.

Crazy sizes
A king-size bed or an 8 seated dining table looks perfect and awesome in the showroom, but may not be in your bedroom or dining room. Mistakes in the math of measurements and calculation can cost you the whole design. 

Fond memories
Never regret on moving out anything that doesn't suit your designs and ideas, even though it's an antique your great grandparents' owned. Sticking on to such memories can even end your design into a disaster.

Pretty but awkward
Thinking that designing intends to make your space look pretty, awesome, cool and pleasing is another one in the list. Picking up things that makes a perfect match to the room to make it finally look like well designed is an unnoticed mistake. Designs are not evaluated on the looks, but the functionality. 

Loving the trends
Chasing the trends is not a big mistake unless you are chasing it for anything and everything. Too many trends considered mean your designs are outdated soon as the trend changes. The trends preferred above personal choices and individuality is one of the foolish mistakes one can make.

For the sake of designer
Interior designers are meant to serve you by providing a better place to live. Something your designer finds perfect may not have the same impression for you. In such cases the best thing to do is speak out what you felt, rather than opting it to make your designer happy.

Perfectly matched furniture
Preserving the uniformity in color and design everywhere can make it look too cold. Sometimes eclectic seems more perfect than being sole while choosing furniture. However, keeping the balance is important or else it could end up as a mess. 

With 3D designs and 3D rendering get to see what it is before you start. Make changes and decisions suiting your comfort. That's how you can escape these common but ridiculous blunders. Designs are made the best at D'LOUNGE.


January 23, 2020, posted by Admin

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