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House-plants are source of beauty as well as acts as a source of hygiene for the occupants in the room .In today’s world of increasing pollution levels, plants have the ability to generate fresh air and filter out the toxic elements that are present in the atmosphere. House plants impart a lot of benefits in the age of global pollution. Some of the important benefits of house plants are

  • Facilitates Easier breathing

During the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb Carbon-dioxide and releases oxygen .The release of fresh oxygen imparts cleaner air and it refreshes the air present in the room

  • Release of water

Plants release moisture vapour as a part of photosynthetic and respiratory processes. By placing several plants together, it increases the humidity of the room and thus it helps to keep the respiratory diseases away.

  • Air purification

The plants impart fresh air into the atmosphere and makes it clean and purifies the toxic elements such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene.

However, while choosing house plants, there is certain criteria that needs to follow while choosing the correct set of plants.

  • Choose easy-care plants

If you are a person who needs to travel a lot, it becomes highly important that you need to choose plants that requires minimum amount of care and watering. Such plants can be best grown in a terrarium that creates its own atmosphere and require very little care.

  • Matching plants in accordance with the environment

Some plants require special needs .Such plants requires special type of environment to enable it to have a proper growth. Certain plants thrive under moist air of the bathroom .So, it is highly important to choose a plant in accordance with the necessary atmospheric condition.

  • Choosing suitable containers

There are a lot of containers that are available in different varying sizes and shapes .It is highly important to take care of the plant requirements while choosing the plant vase. The container must have proper holes at the bottom in order to facilitate the drainage process.

  • Choose the right soil for the required plant

Soil combination is one of the most important factors that are involved while gardening. A general indoor potting soil is self sufficient for most of the plants. However certain plant such as orchids and cactus requires special mixes which needs to be taken proper care of.

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March 24, 2020, posted by Admin

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