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Epoch of Design with D'LOUNGE Disclosed

When a precise formula is implemented skillfully, the outcome is made absolutely exquisite. In this article, the whole narration is about how the patterns of activities in D’LOUNGE are orchestrated so well that we make perfection our peculiarity. 

 The stage of planning

Every client has the liberty to ask questions. It is with such interactions and conversations that D'LOUNGE begins the whole slog. On completing it we guarantee to perceive the answers to every uncertainty our clients have had regarding their place. Whether we design an office or home, no matter what, the stage of planning is inevitable. This point of time is held with countless chatters and the end of it is made when both the D’LOUNGE team and our client have made confirmations on what is to be done, when and how and with a rough quote.

 Preparatory piece of work

The loose talks end up building a trusted bond between D’LOUNGE and our valued client. The act of consignment begins here, marked with the payment of a booking amount. The preliminary work for any design deals with dimensions and measurements. And it is these details that are later converted to designs. The detailed design is shaped and then could be demonstrated with our features like 3D animation walkthrough and 3D rendering. 

 Revisions lead to confirmation    

Designs speak more when exhibited rather than explained in words. The client visualizes what they ultimately receive at the end of the whole process. This is the time when another set negotiations are made in terms of the designs and the end result. Fair revisions are made again and again if necessary to make the finale look just awesome. Once the client is made happy to the core, then that is when the confirmation is made. The design acceptance from the client is corroborated with an advance payment.

 Period of waiting

This is the stretch of relaxation for our clients as now the works left is undivided. From now on the sole responsibility of completing the process is with D’LOUNGE. The measured dimensions are transformed into shapes and then the colors are added to it. On finishing every factory productions an interim payment is made, marking the beginning of the climax sequence.

 Climax stage

Every single manufactured piece is put together to the right shape and then placed into the exact positions, which in turn convert a white space to an astounding place to live a life. Once our team feels the harmony we share that experience with our clients, handing over their place back to them. Finishing with everything we could do to make our clients comfortable, we label the finale with the final payment.

 The cycle continues

We love to hear what our clients want and we love marking details, making designs, putting things together and above all the happy faces we see when we finish off. Our passion makes us strive to be better and finer. That’s why our cycle keeps rounding again and again.
We believe that every design has an interesting story behind it. Let's see what stories make up your design. It is such stories that inspire D'LOUNGE, the best designers in Kochi to move on with more great designs.

November 15, 2019, posted by Admin

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