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Make Adorable Walls

Who doesn't want to get there house to seem like home? Here we discuss the most effortless way to add character to your space and make your home feel complete. The empty spaces on your wall are apparently revamped to centerpieces when you fill them with possibilities. Today's post is about the wall décor ideas that could be customized with the things you adore, making your space bring out your personality and taste.

Large scale art or a gallery wall, what do you prefer?

To a smaller space, the tone is set easier with an oversized painting or photograph. When it comes to a larger space you can add colour with a gallery wall. Let the gallery wall be a mix of paintings, photographs, and any ephemera that is simple and cohesive.

Not necessary to be a piece of art.

Sometimes mirrors do make it happen. Mirrors intent more from that of an art piece hanged. Placing an oversized mirror reflects more light into your room, making an illusion of larger space. Erstwhile porcelain plates when displayed on the wall can make the design work. Thus every time you may not need a photograph or a piece of painting to hang on the wall. Others do work.

Plants or weavings can make a substitute too.

Plants are not meant to be only for windows and floors. Try hanging them on your walls to add nature to your space. Weaving is like a beautiful mess. They add warmth and texture to your walls.

Organizing with calendars and whiteboards.

A large calendar can keep you on track of your events while adding charm to your home. The font and colour choices can make the calendar wall sync in your space. With the whiteboards, you have the choice to make your wall writable. Stick onto colours different from white, to make it more appealing.

Seems funny but in real functional.

How about hanging your bicycles on your wall? Seems wild, but can create an eye-catching point on your wall, with an additional benefit of more space on your floor. similarly a cluster of hats can create a striking display and besides save your space in the closet.

Whatever you hang, there is an art in hanging things right. It is not just a matter of a hammer and nail. Explore more to discover newer things to hang on your wall and make them break the convention. D’LOUNGE Designs and Decor with their modern interior designing hacks can assist you in making your walls dreamy in the most professional and perfect approach.


January 21, 2020, posted by Admin

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