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Make your Own Creative Space with Leading Edge Ideas

It is always a challenge to carve out additional space especially in a small room. A small room has shortage of vacant space for additional storage or usage for our personal reasons. This shortage of space can sometimes become a worrying factor while buying additional gadgets or equipments or while planning a function in the house. This problem can be overcome by following simple solutions while designing the space of the room. These solutions help to efficiently use the storage space to its perfection and create maximum space within the room.

Some of the effective solutions while designing or carving out a room are as follows

  • Bookshelf behind the bed

In small rooms, it is always a challenge to arrange out a shelf. In such a scenario, it is a good idea to place such types of furniture in front of the wall. This will help to clear out the excess storage material and create more vacant space in the room.

  • Shoe storage under the stairs

A small unused space under the stairs can act as an additional space for storage. Here a shelved storage can be perfectly fitted without disturbing the structural integrity of stairs .This storage rack can be used to keep shoes, boots and coats.

  • Dutch Closet Door

This type of closet door helps to add up the extra space and also adds a sense of organized structure by visually dividing in to a closet room and hanging clothes storage. This acts as an additional storage for the clothes and adds a sense of efficient space management of the room.

  • Space-saving jars mounted under a shelf

It occupies minimum space on the wall and the shelving unit helps to store and keep the basic essentials such as spoons, cups, jars etc. It also adds a sense of rustic approach to the kitchen.

  • Slender Table behind the sofa

A slender table behind the sofa can be used for both decorative as well as creating an additional extra storage. The slender able can be used both for dining purposes or for other additional uses .It’s main utility is that it can be highly flexible in terms of usage and can create additional space in the room.

It is highly important to remember these factors at the time of designing the room itself. Because at the later stage, it will not be feasible to render alterations within a limited budget. D’LOUNGE Designs & Decor presents a plethora of ideas to make your small space look elegant and spacious .It has highly experienced interior designers in kochi who can give life to your designs within a fixed budget.Get some of the vibrant ideas at the behest of expert designers at D’LOUNGE and make your house look self sufficient and elegant.

March 17, 2020, posted by Admin

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