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Virtues that make DLOUNGE a Paragon

Lights, colors, textures, patterns and all such elements used in the right proportions make the space designed look fabulous. Massimo Vignelli the famous designer from Italy says that

                            “Design is a language and not a style”.

The guidelines, the proportions and the principles on how to use the elements make the design just right with no silly matters left. The designs crafted should have the perfect balance, rhythmscaledetails and harmony.

The principles determining the arrangement of design elements is “Balance”. Basically three different balances can be implemented in designs. ‘Symmetric balance’ is arranging the elements like in a mirror image. Just by following the rule of symmetry in a mirror image this balance can be easily achieved. ‘Asymmetric balance’ as the name suggests is obtained by scattering the elements around with no particular rules to follow. As there is no predefined method to get the asymmetric balance, it might be more difficult to make the design look flawless. Placing things around a table or chandelier light considering it as a point of focus makes the ‘radial balance’.

When the principle of arrangement is what balance deals with, the next credo is “Rhythm”. Rhythm handles with the recurrence. The recurrence that makes the whole design look pleasing. The transition from one design element to another in a designed space should happen naturally. A good design is where your eyes keep travelling. The principle of rhythm makes it happen. Repeated use of different design entities like color or gradient, objects of different sizes based on their looping style can make different rhythms.

When things are put together, at the end of the day the whole space should feel cozy and not over crowded. Two elements when placed together, their color, shape and size should all sync well together making the ratios just right. A great design makes the room and the elements in it feel like just fit to right. This principle is what “Scale” is all about.

Zooming into the trivial and finding every minute ingredients is the last work before finishing. Patterns on the furniture, embroideries on the pillow cover, draped table cloth, and frills on the curtains are some examples for such minute elements. These elements are called the
Details”. After adding the details to the design, we feel more life into it, making them stand out from being common or usual.

When we feel the whole act of designing is completed, the designed space will have a well-balanced style with a pleasing rhythm. Every element will be scaled to the right dimensions and the designs added to the minutest details finally make it feel like complete. The designers themselves feel satisfaction. Anything that could be added is done to make the whole thing to get into a state of fulfilment. The principle of completion is called “Harmony”.

 The most unpredictable and classiest of all Bunny Williams says

                            “Love it to make it work, that’s the real rule”.

Apart from the credos described above, D’LOUNGE ensued to love the work we did. We believe in the theory of Bunny Williams to reach our niche. For interior designers in Kochi, the name is always D’LOUNGE because we are the paragons.

November 20, 2019, posted by Admin

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